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 (1)把握大局 :grasp the overall situation  (2) 摆谱儿 :put on airs;keep up appearances  (3)白手起家: start from scratch 

(4)拜年:pay New Year call  (5)班门弄斧:teach one's grandma to suck eggs  (6)保质期:guarantee period (6)报销 :apply for

reimbursement  (7)爆冷门:produce an unexpected answer (8)曝光:make public (9)奔小康:strive for a relatively comfortable life

(10)闭门羹:given cold-shoulder (11)比上不足,比下有余:fall short of the best,but be better than the best (12)逼上梁山:be driven to drastic alternatives

(13)变相涨价:disguised inflation (14)边远贫困地区:outlying poverty-stricken areas

(15)边缘知识人:Marginal intellectuals (16)表面文章:Lip service;surface formality (17) 博导:Ph.D supervisor (18)补发拖欠的养脑筋:Clear up pension payments in arrears

(19)不眠之夜:white night (20)菜鸟:green hand (21)产品科技含量 technoligical element of a product

(22)长江三角洲:Yangtze River delta (23)长江中下游:the middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River (24)超前消费:pre-mature consumption

(25)城镇居民最低生活保障:a minimum standard of living for residents (26)城镇职工医疗保险制度:the system of medical insurance for urban workers

(27)重复建设:buiding redundant project;duplication of similar projects

(28)充值卡:rechargeable card (29)春运:passenger transport around the Chinese lunar new year (30)打破僵局:break the deadlock/stalemate

(31)电脑盲:computer illiterate (32)点球:penalty kick (33)电视会议:video conference (34)电视直销:TV home shopping

(35)定向培训:training for specific posts (36)动感电影:multidimensional movie (37)豆腐渣工程:jerry-built projects (38)对...毫无顾忌:make no bones about

 (39)夺冠:take the crown (40)政治多元化:political pluralism (41)服务行业:catering industry (42)复合型人才:inter-disciplinary talent

(43)岗位培训:on-the-job training (44)高等教育自学考试:self-study higher education examination (45)高新技术产业开发区:high and new technological industrial development zone

(46)各大菜系:major styles of cooking (47)各行各业:every walk of life (48)功夫不负有心人:Everything comes to him who waits

(49)各尽其能:let each person do his best (50)公益活动:public welfare activities (51)工薪阶层:state employee;salaried person

 (52)过犹不及:going too far ia as bad as not going far enough (53)函授大学:correspondence university (54)好莱坞大片:Hollywood blockbuster

 (55)核心竞争力:core competitiveness (56)虎父无犬子:A wise goose never lays a tame leg (57)基本国情:fundamental realities of the country

(58)激烈竞争:cut-throat competition (59)极限运动:maximal exercise/X-games(60)集中精力把经济建设搞上去:go all out for economic development

(61)加班:work extra shifts (62)嘉宾:distinguished/honored guest (63)加快市场步伐:quicken the pace of marketization (64)假冒伪劣产品:counterfeit and shoddy products

 (65)减负:alleviate burdens on sb (66)江南水乡:the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River (67)教书育人:impart knowledge and educate people

(68)脚踏实地:be down-to-earth (69)解除劳动关系:sever labor relations (70)扩大内需:expand domestic demand (71)拉拉队:cheering squad

(72)论文答辩:(thesis)oral defence (73)马到成功:achieve immediate victory (74)三维电影/动画片:three-dimensional movie/animation

(75)森林覆盖率:forest coverage (76)社会保险机构:social security institutions (77)社会热点问题:hot spots of society

(78)社会治安情况:law-and-order situation (79)申办城市:the bidding cities (80):身体素质:physical constitution (81)生计问题:bread-and-butter issue

 (82)生意兴隆 :business flourishes (82)市场疲软:sluggish market (83)市政工程:municipal works/engineering (84)事业单位:public institution

(85)试用期:probationary period (86)首创精神:pioneering spirit (87)手机充值:cellular phone replenishing (88)台湾同胞:Taiwan compatriots

(89)脱贫致富:cast off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity (90)西部大开发:Development of the West Regions (91)新秀:up-and-coming star

(92)学生处:students' affairs division (93)舆论导向:direction of public opinion (94)招生就业指导办公事:enrolment and vocation guidance office

(95)支柱产业:pillar conerstone industry (96)中专生:secondary specialized or technical school student (97)专题报道:special coverage

(98)《阿Q正传》:The True Story of Ah Q (99)《春秋》:Spring and Autumn Annals (100)知识产权:intellectual property rights


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